In 1998, the school was upgraded as Higher Secondary School. In 2000, the UP section of the school was bifurcated and joined with Orphanage LP School, upgrading it as Orphanage UP School, functioning in the Yatheem Khana campus. Now, there are more than one thousand students studying in 19 divisions with 31 members in the teaching staff in the High School section and 600 students in the 10 batches of Plus One and Plus Two classes with 23 numbers in the teaching staff in the Higher Secondary section.

The combination in various Plus Two courses offered in this school at present are:

* Science group (2 batches) : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology. * Humanities group (1 batch) : History, Economics, Sociology, Arabic (Elective) * Commerce Computer (1 batch) : Accountancy, Business studies, Economics, Computer Application * Commerce Maths (1 batch) : Accountancy, Business studies, Economics, Mathematics

The units of National Service Scheme (NSS), Scout and Guides, Junior Red Cross (JRC) are functioning very actively in this school. A number of students of this school won Rashtrapathipuraskar Award during the past years. Our NSS unit has hither to undertaken many social service activities like paving roads, electrification of small houses of poor, etc. Our school has participated in the National Integration Camp in New Delhi, representing our state of Kerala.

We strive to inculcate good values and excellent ambitions in our students so as to enable them to face the challenges and realities of life and to lead the life responsible citizens of the country. By the grace of the Almighty and the unfailing support of the management, teachers, students and parents our institution has been able to gain remarkable achievements by producing great personalities who have made long lasting impress in the diverse spheres of life, among whom are social reformers, advocates, teachers and other professionals.

Today, the Tirurangadi Muslim Orphanage Committee, the managing committee of the school, has struggled hard and journeyed a long way to attain its present sublime status, made possible through much hardships and trials earlier and was able to make its mark in this field, winning a wide acceptance and acclaim in the whole of Malabar and outside.

All the afore-said conglomeration of educational and charitable institutions and the wider impact it created in the community owe much to the great leaders, late MK Haji Sahib, late KM Moulavi Sahib and late KM Seethi Sahib, who were in the fore-front of all the noble ventures. They have pre-eminent place in the history of Kerala as social reformers and religious servants. They were kindred spirits who worked in closes co-operation with one another for the noble cause of Muslim socio-religious regeneration.

MK Haji Sahib was the first General Secretary of Tirurangadi Muslim Orphanage committee and first Manager of the Oriental Higher Secondary School till his departure in 1983. Then late C.H Kunhahamed Haji Sahib became the General Secretary of the committee and Manager of the school till he resigned due to ill-health in october 2011. He is also no more with us. He has the honour of bringing up our institutions from the stage of infancy to the present youthful vigour and vitality. May Allah bless them and reward them abundantly, Aameen.

Presently, Janab MK Abdurahiman a/s Bava Sahib is the General Secretary of the committee and Manager of the school. At present, Janab CH Moossa Master is the Principal of the Higher Secondary school and Smt. P.M Kadeeja is the Headmistress of the High School.